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The Elvoron Home Elevator by Garaventa Lift is an elevating system designed specifically for use in private residences.
There is a choice of two drive systems available; hydraulic or in-line (machine room-less).

Hydraulic Drive System

  • Compact Drive Cabinet
  • Submersed Hydraulic Pump Motor
  • Aircraft Quality Steel Suspension Cables


A small area outside the elevator hoist-way is required to accommodate the controller and the hydraulic pump unit.  This area can be adjacent to the elevator hoist-way or in a remote location.  Another advantage to the hydraulic drive system is that manual lowering operations are very easy for those with limited strength or mobility. There is a manual lowering valve on the pump unit which allows the hydraulic fluid to drain from the cylinder, controlling the lowering of the cab in instances of power outages.

In-Line Drive System

  • No Machine Room
  • In-Line Drive Electric Motor
  • No Hydraulic Fluid

No machine room is required, making this a popular choice where space is a prime consideration. The Drive Motor is located inside the hoistway while the controller and disconnects can be located up to 50 feet away in some situations for easy service access. Manual lowering is accomplished either by use of the standard manual lowering hand wheel or by use of the optional battery powered lowering.

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