Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators LLC (PVE) is the manufacturer and designer of the first residential elevator powered by air rather than cables or pistons.  As a leader in the home lift and elevator market, PVE is manufacturing three models of its air-driven home elevators.   PVE’s self-supporting residential elevator can travel up to 35 ft. (or 4 stops) in total rise and requires no pit excavation or hoistway construction. This innovative residential lift will enhance the value of one’s home without the consuming footprint and costly construction of a traditional home elevator.


Single passenger elevator 350 lbs lift capacity.
View the Brochure & PVE30 Specs


Two passenger elevator 450 lbs lift capacity.
View the Brochure & PVE37 Specs


Three passenger elevator 525 lbs lift capacity.
View the Brochure & PVE52 Specs

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