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Enlightened engineering
The Garaventa Lift LULA product range provides you with the perfect solution combining great design and functional features. It comes with two smooth and reliable drive options: geared traction machine Room-Less (MRL) drive, or traditional precision roped hydraulic drive.

Smart and cost-effective space management
With the high-quality design elements of a high-rise elevator but optimized for a commercial low-rise building, the Garaventa Lift LULA is your ideal solution for small commercial spaces and public buildings up to three stories such as professional offices, restaurants, schools, and places of worship. The LULA is a reliable option offering performance and comfort, with an elegant touch of high-tech.

Quality design and aesthetic options
Along with an amazingly smooth performance and drastic cost efficiency, it offers design and aesthetic palettes to suit any style or building décor. Select from a variety of cab styles to suit any low-rise project.

Electric LULA

With no need for a machine room, the LULA MRL is designed to minimize the space required for technical equipment, while optimizing the building space. Thanks to an easy to install geared traction and to a control panel distributed throughout the system, it offers more space and eliminates unsightly structures on building roofs.

It seamlessly integrates smooth, quiet operation, an ultra-reliable performance, and a stylish interior.

Its energy-efficient features, and efficient installation eliminates the need for hydraulic fluid and a costly oil separator in the floor drain. This makes the LULA MRL an eco-friendly choice.

Along with an amazingly smooth performance and drastic cost efficiency, it offers a design and aesthetic palette to suit any style or building décor.


  • Machine room-less design for more usable space
  • Eco-friendly operating features
  • Ideal for applications with more frequent trips 
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Design and aesthetic palettes to suit any style

Classic LULA

The traditional hydraulic LULA is equipped with many premium features, offering a variety of advantages. This elevator is an elegant, safe, and functional choice with a comfortable start and stop thanks to a two-speed hydraulic control valve.

The hydraulic drive system ensures a smooth ride with automatic leveling, emergency manual lowering and an instantaneous emergency safety brake system.

The machine room protects the hydraulic pump unit and can be easily installed, ideally at the lowest level of the building.

Thanks to the submersed hydraulic pump and motor, the LULA offers quiet and smooth operation.

An eco-friendly alternative is available by opting for biodegradable hydraulic oil.


  • Fully automatic operation
  • Cost effective
  • Customization available
  • Smooth ride, start and stop
  • 1,400 lbs capacity

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